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Information Technology Strategy Team

Why We Modified Posts

2019-11-12 - Written by IT Strategy Team

Last modified: 2019-11-12

You may have noticed that our two new first posts have been modified. You may also wonder why. So, let’s dive in for a short explanation!

As explained in our post Case for Continuous Improvement, we believe in continuously improving our work. And that includes our own workspace. So, since our initial publication of posts, we have been tweaking how the list of blog posts are being displayed.

You may recall that they were being listed as simple list.

list of blog posts

Now, we have added the date of the post as well as a short excerpt to let you salivate over the possible content. Or run away before even getting started!

new list of blog posts

So, there you have it. That is why the previous posts now have a last modified date of November 12, 2019. And we’ll keep improving how we display our content to ensure that it keeps getting better and more useful to you so look out for our updates!

In fact, if you have ideas on how we could do better, don’t hesitate and let us know by visiting these simple instructions!

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