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Information Technology Strategy Team

About Us

We are Information Technology (IT) strategy team under Strategy, Architecture and Business Relations Directorate (SABR), Innovation, Information and Technology Branch (IITB), Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) Department. Our team is passionate about working in the open and strongly believe the GC is better when work is visible and can be reused across groups, branches and departments. We also strongly advocate for the use of open source software and DevOps. Contributing to work in the open is framing our learning experience and exposing our work to not keeping it in a silo. Working in the open is a culture and way of thinking. To keep our work more visible we chose GitHub as opposed to typical internal records management system because GitHub is available on the Internet and makes use of the Git version control system. We manage our work in an agile way in 2 week sprints using a kanban board and have standups, sprint planning sessions and regular retrospectives.

We are working on projects openly, blogging about what we are working on and what we are learning. This is important because it helps us connect with other people who are working on similar challenges, builds trust and confidence in the work we’re doing and generally makes things better. Some of our team members are actively sharing their thoughts and getting feedback and comments from a big audience on Twitter.

Finally, through many team-building activities we have built a sense of trust among teammates that allows us to bring the full power of our skills, personalities, and who we are at work.

The Team

Photo of Elmina Iusifova

Elmina Iusifova

Programmer Analyst

Interests: User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Communication, Front-end Development

Photo of Gabriel Cossette

Gabriel Cossette

Senior Advisor

Interests: Open Source Software, Ethical Computing, Architecture, Web, Community

Photo of Guillaume Charest

Guillaume Charest

Senior Advisor

Interests: Open Source Software, Accessibility, Inclusion, Community

Photo of Rémy Bernard

Rémy Bernard

Senior Advisor

Interests: Architecture, Governance, Psychology, Ethical Computing, Community

Photo of Sébastien Lemay

Sébastien Lemay

Technical Advisor

Interests: Free (open source) software, DevOps, enterprise architecture

Photo of Philipe Girard

Philipe Girard


Interests: Sports, reading, family

Photo of Leigh Gardner

Leigh Gardner

Analyst, IT Business Line Support Services

Interests: Communications, Web Design, Business and Real Estate

Photo of James Santos

James Santos

Technical Advisor

Interests: Strategy, building strong relationships, soccer

Photo of Paul Tomka

Paul Tomka

Technical Advisor

Interests: Sports, travel, technology

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