IT Strategy

Enable the strategic value of IT within ESDC by reducing its risks to accelerate business flexibility.

Welcome to our living workspace! In fact, this is the automatically generated website based on the content living in our actual workspace!

As per the notice that can be found throughout our site, the content you will find all around should be considered work in progress: there are no guarantees that the ideas, the proposals and even the presentations that we are developing here in the open will make it into production one day.

You can have a look at our Working Documents.

On the other end, we would gladly welcome your ideas and comments in order to continuously improve our work and, in a way, how ESDC offers its services to Canadians! Please look at how to contribute.

We have set up a few continuous integration (CI) tests in order to keep our content clean but also to showcase how powerful these open collaboration tools can be to maintain a project, whether it is simple text files or source code. You can have a look at our documentation to see how it works!

As part of our work, we will also write blog posts on various topics to share our findings upon researching literature, reading books or simply discovering things that may be of interest to the government overall.

Please feel free to jump in the Issues and start exchanging with us!

~ The IT Strategy team