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Information Technology Strategy Team

This website is a collaboration platform where we, ESDC IT Strategy, are sharing our plans to move the Innovation, Information Technology Branch (IITB), and Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), into the Digital age.

Here, we share our draft strategies, blogs, progress, tools, information, and other resources to support ESDC’s digital transformation. We create multiple potential solutions, look at the situation from multiple perspectives, express our professional opinions and ideas when diagnosing problems. Our work is guided by understanding user needs, behaviours, pain points, and building for a specific user segment.

On our website we formulate strategies and design initiatives. They will be reviewed and updated at least quarterly based on progress and effectiveness. Before you review our work you might want to see our team’s mandate, where you can learn about our mission, vision and the principles that guide our work. We set specific and challenging goals that leads us to higher performance to be effective and work towards the same outcome.

The content you will find on our website should be considered work in progress: there are no guarantees that the ideas and proposals we are developing here in the open will be adopted by ESDC. We will also share findings upon researching literature, reading books or simply discovering things that may be of interest to the government overall.

If you would like to suggest new topics or adjustments to existing ones, as well as new reference sources (e.g.,articles, studies, official documents), contact us and let us know about your thoughts and ideas.

“Good strategy is design, and design is about fitting various pieces together so they work as a coherent whole.”
- Richard P. Rumelt

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