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Information Technology Strategy Team


  • Diagnose key organizational problems, waste, lead times and governance structures that inhibit the desired changes in behaviours
  • Recommend specific course of actions to governance bodies to adopt new methods of managing IT risks
  • Measure progress of adoption of strategies in IT teams and governance bodies as a performance indicator of the IT Strategy team
  • Challenge current thinking and approaches

Our Mission

Enable the strategic value of IT within ESDC by reducing its risks and increasing business agility.

Our Goals

  • Develop transformation growth strategies for the organization
  • Help the organization to adopt DevOps that dramatically reduce risks associated with technology investments and unlock significant service improvement capabilities
  • Deliver value very quickly, using very short lead times
  • Speed up time to organize, apply incremental improvements in response to the changing environment, and create a more streamlined development process
  • Continuously iterate and innovate

Our Vision

Our vision is to release changes of all kinds on demand quickly, safely, and sustainably so that Canadians are benefiting seamlessly of the federal government services through modern technologies. Continuous improvement transformation and GC wide “Government as a service” based on GC Digital Standards and the Directive on Service and Digital. See Information Technology Vision.

Team’s Guiding Principles

Work collaboratively

We collaborate with anyone and everyone who can add value. This includes, but is not limited to, all Canadians, levels of government, departments, private sector organizations, and governments.

Continuous learning

Learning is a core part of daily activities to ensure up to date, modern, and well-researched direction.

Lead by Example

By using the approaches and technologies we champion, we are able to better respond and anticipate potential challenges. We also experiment with modern ways of working in order to demonstrate their value and effectiveness.


We swarm to solve problems and respond to requests, we have our own files but we also work across files sharing our expertise to help one another

Working in the open

We strongly believe in sharing our work openly on this website. We include here not just final products but also products in development so that we can collaborate and improve our work and also so that our work can be re-used by anyone.

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